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Clash Of Lords 2 Base Designs

Clash Of Lords 2 Base Designs

In clash of lords 2, your base design is one of the most important aspects of the gameplay. Having an effective base could mean you losing or even gaining trophies from opponents raiding your base. If you’ve set your base as a farmer – which in terms means that your town hall is not as protected, though your gold mines + vault are located in a highly secure position, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your base design very secure and highly defensive to void opponents from attacking or successfully defend your base.

So the big question is…

“How do I effectively secure my base “

Firstly, having a great fortified base is determined on your town hall level + your actual level. If you’re a level 40 with a town hall of two. I recommend you drop WHATEVER you’re upgrading, resource raid as much as you can to max your gold vault capacity and continue to upgrade your town hall to atleast level 6-7. Upgrading town halls allows you to unlock more or new buildings/accessories to secure  and defend your base.

Town Hall specific Level Designs

So depending on what town hall level you are here are the best voted town halls according to COL2-builder:

We recommend you stick to your current town hall level as some higher town hall level designs include buildings that you my not have or have enough of.