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Clash Of Lords 2 Heroes Evolve 101

Clash Of Lords 2 Evolve

When clash of lords 2 heroes evolve update came out, I was thinking ‘WOW, what do they mean evolve – do they mean pounder will be bigger than that :|’. But rest assure, it isn’t that type of evolving, it’s more to do with their passive skills than their actual figure.

It all matters about if you meet the requirements of the evolve stage. To locate if a hero is eligible to evolve or not, head to the hire heroes tab, the click on more and you should see a evolution unlocked – as seen below picture.

Clash Of Lords 2 Epic Heroes

Once you know a hero is eligible to evolve, click on the hero and click on the left hand box of the hero – a window should pop up showing you the requirements to evolve the hero as pictured below.

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I am 90% eligible to evolve to the next level, but do no have enough mutagen to proceed to the next step. This is usually the general resource that most people run out of, you can buy more mutagen in the gem shop as pictured below.

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Generally It is not known if you can earn mutagen via treasure box or other means other than gems, but i’ll keep everyone posted!

Update: Treasure boxes do give out mutagen!


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3 thoughts on “Clash Of Lords 2 Heroes Evolve 101

    1. kolonaioskolonaios Post author

      Hey Manny,

      It depends on what your current team exist of, but you can switch her to carol since they both ranged, but carol has lots of HP and does a bit more damage.

      1. manny

        Alright so right now I have pounder, dark rider, air elite, blitz bomber. I switched glory for skull mage but I still have carol. Any suggestions?


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