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Clash Of Lords 2 heroes

Clash Of Lords 2 Heroes

The unique platform of Clash of Lords 2 provides players with the choice of 27 different kind of heroes which are divided into 4 rarities which include:

Just like any other Role Playing Game, the higher the rarity level is, the better the heroes will be (and harder to come by!) Each heroes are set with different skills, effect and support – also known as “Mercenary”.Clash Of Lords 2 Heroes play one of the most important roles, as they’re your bread and butter in defeating opponents or even defending opponents from raiding your base!

clash of lords 2 - Exp fusionHeroes can also be upgraded in two separate ways which are through EXP fusion with other heroes or through gems. EXP fusions allow heroes to increase their level, base hp and attack; while gems allow heroes to increase their active + passive skills which assist heroes in their battles defensively and offensively. Hero EXP fusion is based on the rarity of the hero, for example:

  1. Normal Heroes contribute – 20EXP
  2. Good Heroes contribute – 100EXP
  3. Rare Heroes contribute – 400EXP
  4. Epic Heroes contribute – 1500EXP/1200EXP

How do you get heroes?

There is three ways you can obtain heroes in clash of lords 2! Firstly, you can earn heroes and exp cards via winning resource raids, which can be used to increase a hero’s level.

clash of lords 2 - resource raid treasure win

Secondly, another instance is by recruiting via the free hero recruit tab. Clash of Lords 2 has generously provided players with the chance to receive heroes for free – up to 12 times a day, in a 2 hour cooling down time! While the free hero recruitment only allows you to obtain normal heroes, good heroes and rare heroes. The game is set on a way where you can earn free gems via events or daily ‘missions’!

clash of lords 2 - Free Hero Recruitment

Lastly, you can earn gems and two heroes by signing in EVERYDAY! Clash of Lords 2 holds sign in rewards regularly and the rewards in signing in increases by each week you simultaneously sign in each day. Around the 7th day you’ll be guaranteed a rare hero and on the 28th day you’ll be guaranteed a EPIC hero!

clash of lords 2 - Sign In Reward

Hero Active Skills

Hero’s active skill assist heroes in battle, there are around 25+ skills which can be either damage dealing, healing support or buffering support skill.  Check out the active hero’s skill page to view each of them

Hero Passive Skills

Hero’s passive skill can be activated up to three times by spending 300gems each. Prior to the recent updates, a hero’s passive skill would be randomized. However you can now pick what passive skill you want your hero to have!  Check out the passive hero’s skill page to view each of them


There are currently seven different types of mercenaries in clash of lords 2. Mercenaries are huge support for heroes as they help them defensively and offensively. Clash of lords 2 currently has tanks, damage dealers, balanced so there isn’t much of over-powering in a sense of competitive advantages. Have a look at what mercenaries are available!

Hero Aid

Clash of lords 2 has a unique feature where you can increase your main hero’s HP / ATK by adding a ‘secondary’ hero to aid them. In-order for you to use this feature, you must have a level 3 hero hall, and at level 5 you can add two heroes to aid your main! Rare and epic heroes also carry a unique passive skill when they’re allocated as a secondary hero.


clash of lords 2 - heroes aid

As you can see, a rare exokid hero has been assigned to a main hero, since exokid is level 35 he provides an additional 8% and a unique passive skill. Referring to the table below, you can see that each time a secondary hero increases their level by 10 it adds up the percentage!

Hero Aid HP bonus

  • Level 1 = HP +1%
  • Level 10 = HP +3%
  • Level 20 = HP +5%
  • Level 30 = HP +8%
  • Level 40 = HP +11%
  • Level 50 = HP +15%
  • Level 60 = HP +19%
  • Level 70 = HP +24%
  • Level 80 = HP +29%
  • Level 90 = HP +35%
  • Level 100 = HP +41%
  • Level 110 = HP +48%
  • Level 120 =  HP +53%
  • level 125 = HP +60%

You can also check out the hero aid’s skill page here – Click here