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Clash Of Lords 2 – Normal Heroes

Clash Of Lords 2 Normal Heroes

Normal rarity heroes aren’t commonly used as a player’s main but rather as ‘sacrifice’ to increase a hero’s stats. If you’re unaware of the fusion process of heroes, check out our brief overview of the process here.Normal heroes usually have a ‘green’ name title and no glory ember slots to upgrade the hero’s bonus stats.

Note: Please place your mouse cursor over the image to check out the hero’s basic stats. We’re currently upgrading this feature to include more statistics such as skills, and hp/atk level chart.

Clash Of Lords 2 Normal Heroes - Dead Eye

Dead Eye

Rarity: Normal

Base Atk: 140
Base HP: 1380
Archetype: Ranged Attack

Clash Of Lords 2 Normal Heroes - Shock Trooper

Shock Trooper

Rarity: Normal

Base Atk:155
Base HP: 3670
Archetype:Melee Attack

Clash Of Lords 2 Normal Heroes - Snifferoos


Rarity: Normal

Base Atk: 125
Base HP: 3670
Archetype: Melee Attack
Mercenary:Willy Fox

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  • Base Attack4
  • Base Hitpoints3
  • Number Of Heroes3
  • Hire Hero Percentage10
  • EXP Fusion5
  • 5


    This review is based on the overall statistics of the normal rarity heroes of clash of lords 2.


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