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Clash Of Lords 2 Passive Skills

Clash of Lords 2 Passive Skills

These skills complement the heroes and their mercenaries. They can also be reset for a chance to get higher skill levels.

Icon Skill Name Skill Description
 Amazing Dace Amazing Dace A certain percentage increase in the value of life mercenary
 Art of War Art of War Increase the number of mercenary hero carried
 Battle Fever Battle Fever A certain percentage increase hero attack

 Blessed Weapons Blessed Weapons Increase a certain percentage of the final injury hero
 Blessing Downwind Blessing Downwind A certain  percentage increase in attack speed hero
 Charm Curtain Charm Curtain Hero increase the rate of a certain percentage of damage reduction
 Hardbody Hardbody Increase blood  hero fixed value
 Moral Boost Moral Boost Increase one’s own self and all the warriors attack
 The Man of Steel The Man of Steel Hero certain percentage increase blood values
 Will to Fight Will to Fight Increased attack hero fixed value

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2 thoughts on “Clash Of Lords 2 Passive Skills

  1. Leandro

    What hero talent can give the hero more time to fight?
    when kill a hero appears a golden figure on his head and he does not die on the spot.

    1. kolonaioskolonaios Post author

      Hi Leandro,

      That happens when someone puts pan goli as a aid 🙂 It works wonders and those 8 seconds can determine if you win or lose. I suggest putting pan goli as an aid for pan goli first, then your tank, then your damage dealer and so on.


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