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clash of lords 2 shards 101 – What are they and How to Use them?

Clash Of Lords 2 Epic Heroes

So most current clash of lords 2 players by now have ran into hero shards but most people don’t know what they do and what they are used for. I know the first time I saw them I initially thought ‘WOW i just got a pounder, no wait this game wouldn’t just GIVE you a pounder for free right?’

YES and NO, firstly clash of lords 2 shards are obtainable through gold, treasure winnings, gems, and game maintenance and they do in essence give you the actual hero – but here’s the condition, you’ll need to collect an X number of shards in-order to redeem that epic hero you’ve always wanted.

The x number of shards can range from 150 to 1500, which may not seem much but considering 1 hero shard cost around 90K or for 24 can cost around 360 gems+ it can be considered a long term commitment. The thing is, the hero shards are readily available to purchase, they show up randomly in treasure boxes or campaign clash shops.

Hero Shards Requirements

Each heroes require different amounts of shards or tokens, here are the current requirements for each heroes. The number of Hero Shards obtained can be seen under “More Info” in the “Hero” menu.

Hero Name Hero Shard Requirements
Pounder 0/850 Hero Shards
Biltz Bomber 0/150 Hero Shards
Chiron 0/1500 Hero Shards
Renee Ven 0/1500 Hero Shards
Abyss Demon 0/1500 Hero Shards
Pan Goli 0/1000 Hero Shards
Blockhead 0/750 Hero Shards
Hydrasaur 0/750 Hero Shards
Dark Rider 0/450 Hero Shards
Demon Slayer 0/750 Hero Shards
Skull Mage 0/450 Hero Shards
Glory Priestess 0/550 Hero Shards
Air Elite 0/400 Hero Shards
Savage Chief 0/200 Hero Shards


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