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clash of lords 2 strategy

Clash Of Lords 2 Strategy

Aside from the general instructions that are given to when you start playing clash of lords 2, you’re left to fend for yourself. Most players would suggest that the game is easy enough to understand and you should be a pro in about an hour of playing the game. However, Clash of lords 2 offers great gameplay and potential strategy instance, a newbie would be overwhelmed and would need more than an hour to get the jist of the game.

Here at clashoflords2guide.com we have written strategies, guides, tips and general information related to clash of lords 2 to assist new and current players on effectively playing the game like a pro!

Clash Of Lords 2 Guide

While most of our articles are opinion based, we are open to hear what other players think about it and would happy to have people contribute to the website! Here are a couple of articles to get you started in what we believe to be the most frequently asked questions about clash of lords 2:

  1. Creating a killer Heroes team
  2. Effective resource raiding for gold
  3. What sort of archetype should you have in your hero team
  4. How to effectively raid an opponents base
  5. what should you look out for when searching for opponents
  6. what buildings should you focus on