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Clash Of Lords 2 Updates – Version 2.0.3

Hey Everyone,

The IGG team has released an clash of lords 2 updates for the iOS which is quite exciting and a kind of a downer as well. Here’s the inside of what’s going on. I’ve noticed the android version has already been updated to the 2.0.3 version so please share some insight of how the update has affected you (advantages/disadvantages). As routine, clash of lords 2 has given their players 200 free jewels when you update which I always believe to be generous and great to see. Anyways, here are the current updates for version 2.0.3:

  1. New feature – Battle Royale!
  2. New Hero – Chiron!
  3. Continent Rank statues adjusted.
  4. New Guild invite function.
  5. Defending Heroes defense stats boosted. Higher levels unlock better defenses.
  6. Campaign Clash is now limited to a daily event but with increased rewards.
  7. Battle reports and mailbox will be cleared after updating.


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