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Defense Buildings

Clash Of Lords Defense buildings and towers

These structures allow the player to reinforce their base from opponent attacks and even ward off potential attacks from happening. Most players will usually upgrade these type of structures first before anything else due to their reliability and importance within the gameplay of clash of lords 2.

Note: Please place your mouse cursor over the image to check out the defense building’s basic stats. We’re currently upgrading this feature to include more statistics such as town hall requirements, costs and hp/atk level chart.

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building ermah guard

Ermah Guard

Base Cost: 1,000,000

Base Atk: 3400
Base HP: 3400

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building cannon


Base Cost: 250

Base Atk: 30
Base HP: 1500

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building air defense

Air Defense

Base Cost: 22,500

Base Atk: 50
Base HP: 3500

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building magic tower

Magic Tower

Base Cost: 180,000

Base Atk: 105
Base HP: 2,800

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building mortar


Base Cost: 8,000

Base Atk: 170
Base HP: 1,500

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building reaper


Base Cost: 3,000,000

Base Atk: 60
Base HP: 9,600

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building walls


Base Cost: 200

Base Atk: 0
Base HP: 1,500

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building sniper tower

Sniper Tower

Base Cost: 1,000

Base Atk: 45
Base HP: 1,500

Clash Of Lords 2 Defense building victory statue

Victory Statue

Base Cost: 700,000

Base Atk: 615
Base HP: 3,121

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3 thoughts on “Defense Buildings

  1. Chavie

    some players have glowing sign above their buildings. What does this mean and how do you get it? thnx!

  2. Dan Schemenauer

    what are all the levels of all the buildings and defences and what do they look like so you can identify them when you are raiding

    1. kolonaioskolonaios Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Expect to see the building levels + what they look like in a week or two. I’ve just been busy with university + work, I have most of the statistics and building changes just need to put them together 🙂


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