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Effective Resource Raid For Gold Strategy

Clash Of Lords 2 Gold Strategy

Clash of lords 2 offers a great hero cool-down system for raid injured heroes that I found to be fair and not too long on timing, however it does take a toll on having to recover heroes that are level 100+, as the cool-down time can be upwards to 3-5 mins! It is unavoidable that your hero(es) will be injured in a raid and will need to recover, however here’s a couple of tips on maximizing your resource raiding. A general rule on selecting a base to raid is make sure they have atleast 25k of gold available to take, if the base has less, just press next!

Victory-StatueStrategy 1 – Spot The Hero Killer Statue (Victory Statue): As you gradually level up, you’ll see a common sight of these over-powered statues that make the toughest heroes very squishy!  You should aim for bases that do not have victory statues or have poorly placed them in easy-to-kill spots.

For this strategy, avoid bases that have placed their statues in the center point of their designs, their intentions are to destroy your heroes and mercenaries fast as they gradually make their way to the middle of the base.

Gold-vaultStrategy 2 – Rush the Gold mines: This strategy usually ends up badly for the heroes, but usually it is compensated for the raided gold you’ve collected. This strategy is effective if the player has placed their gold mines close to the outer walls, close to a maximum of two defense buildings or outside the walls (yes it is a common sight!). This certain strategy is basically raid rushing the gold storage by strategically placing all your heroes right next to the gold storage or wall that is protecting the storages’ so that it is in the path that’ll be destroyed.

The downside of this strategy is that it is more higher in chance that you won’t get a full win which leads to not getting all the chest rewards, however on the upside, you won’t get much exp or even none for the base you’ve raided which leads to you stunting your level growth in order to stay within your level which allows you to only face opponents around your level.

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  1. Zeus

    Hey Kolonaios!
    I was wondering if you could make a guide on how to upgrade defences fast, and what to upgrade first? That would be awesome!
    Keep it up 🙂

    1. kolonaioskolonaios Post author

      Hey Zeus,

      Wow great idea, I’ve had that idea for a while now and I see i’m not the only one that struggled with allocating the gold to what buildings/towers. I will make sure there’s a similar guide to what you’ve mention on the next guide I write.



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