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Heroes Aid Skills

Clash of Lords 2 Heroes Aid Skills

These skills are provided that the player has set their main hero a rare or epic hero as a secondary hero. Leveling up your heroes skill is as easy as consuming rings on the secondary hero. However, we do not recommend you do that since rings are so precious to encounter!

Icon Skill Name Skill Description
 Ancient Remedy Ancient Remedy increases deployed sharpshooter mercenaries HP by %
 Barrier Pith Barrier Pith increases deployed Ox warrior number of mercenaries by X
 Covert Forces Covert Forces Increases a deployed hero ATK by %

 Crimson Crossings Crimson Crossings Increases a deployed  hero HP by X
 Dark Blessing Dark Blessing Increases deployed hero’s ATK by X
 Demented Demented Increase the  ATK of deployed hero’s mercenaries by %
 Dragon core Dragon core Increases  deployed colossadrake number of mercenaries by X
 Evil Epitome Evil Epitome increases deployed Executioner number of mercenaries by X
 Flight Focus Flight Focus Increases deployed willy fox number mercenaries by X
 Impregnable Impregnable Increase deployed warrior mercenaries HP by %
 Lethal Lash Lethal Lash Increases deployed warriors mercenaries ATK by %
 Magic Mass Magic Mass Increase Deployed wizards mercenaries by X
 Reapers Vessel Reapers Vessel Increase a deployed Heroes HP by X
 Salivation Troops Salivation Troops increases the number of mercenaries a deployed hero can carry by X
 Zephyr Strike Zephyr Strike Increases deployed sharpshooters mercenaries ATK by %

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  1. Lord Hamet

    Hey ..
    have a question,,,, i see some heroes that changed in battles mostly in hero arena , into bigger ones like pounder that changed in huge pounder …and i saw several times huge fireball came out of some heroes ..?? somebody know anything..??


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