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New And Improved Heroes!

It’s official, last time I’ve posted was when the introduction of sapphirix! How have times changed, we have two additional heroes – great sage, a monkey that disable skills by jumping around and landslide, the friendly looking golem that holds a branch to attack?! I joked around with other players suggesting if artic lord and pan goli got together their baby would be great sage! There are now two new clash of lords 2 heroes


Joking aside, the hero is both heroes combined on steroids! Great mage’s skill is basically overpowered with Pan goli’s multiple target and article lord’s slashes which goes across half the screen attacking anything in it’s way. I mean have a look at this video posted up by IGG!

Fortunately I haven’t run into much players with the hero, which reminds me of the days where Pan Goli was hard/rare to get now it’s a dime a dozen! If players start rolling for heroes and win great sage there will be a big ripple effect of angry mobs shouting for a power evaluation!

Now let’s talk about the rocky golem looking hero – Landslide


Before landslide, pounder was the go to hero for your defense/tank needs. I mean savage chief never came close to what pounder could do. In addition to pounder’s devine cap, which steals HP off anything with a health bar healing him based on what’s around it was a no brainer to have him on the team permanently!

However, IGG then introduced landslide the “next” best thing to Pounder with higher base HP. Not only is the hero a solid tank, the hero is just an unstoppable golem which literally taunts opponents to attack the hero. Have a look at the hero in action!

What are your suggestions on great sage and landslide? Will you be swapping your team for any of these new heroes? Because you know I am 😉



  • Great Sage - Overall10
  • LandSlide - Overall10
  • Great Sage - Damage Dealer8
  • LandSlide - Tank10
  • Effects on a player's team10
  • 9.6



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6 thoughts on “New And Improved Heroes!

  1. bill

    Nah. Divine bloodcap is just too op and Landslide’s divine is awful although he has more hp. Honestly, the only use for Landslide’s divine is removing pan goli’s shields. Great sage, on the other hand, is an awesome damage dealer and his divine is unbelievably useful in arena.

    1. JamesJames Post author

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the feedback, I have a landslide and can confirm it feels a bit flimsy than pounder. Upon watching the video when landslide first came out the hero had great hopes as a tank. Who knows, I haven’t got its evolution skill yet so I can’t comment further.

      As for great sage, I haven’t used him yet (still level 100) and have doubles of the hero. But I have great hopes for him.

      1. bill

        I seem to have overlooked his skill, which seems awesome and probably does make him an endgame hero. I did just get him on my second account.

    2. Montezuma

      Its not his divine that’s his flavor. Its his basic ability. He will not be kill and can soak up so much damage once its upgraded. Its ridiculously broken. A pounder + landslide tank combo will never die


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