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Clash Of Lords 2 Buildings

Clash Of Lords 2 buildings

While resource buildings aren’t as important than in other games, the gold vault still serves a purpose of holding your gold while your gold mine harvest gold for you. The aspect of the game allows players to easily resource raid without the cool-down timing as many similar games have enforced.

Note: Please place your mouse cursor over the image to check out the resource building’s basic stats. We’re currently upgrading this feature to include more statistics such as town hall requirements, costs and hp/atk level chart.

Clash Of Lords 2 essential building gold vault

Gold vault

Base Cost: 300

Base Atk: 0
Base HP: 2,000

Clash Of Lords 2 essential building hero arena

Hero Arena

Base Cost: 1,000

Base Atk: 0
Base HP: 7500

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