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The Sharpshooter Strategy

Hi all!

It’s been a lonnnnnng time since I’ve posted about a strategy on clash of lords 2. The strategy I am talking about is the sharpshooter strategy. Some may know it – some may not, but the new craze has got high level / end-game players switching their team to this unorthodox team!

If you’ve read my last article on ‘Five Main Rules In creating A killer Heroes team’ you may have noticed my team consisted of:

clash of lords 2 dream team Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY happy with my current team structure, I keep them for all instances and I would say out of 100 battles I would win 88 of them. However, It has come to my conclusion that ever since Chiron and Renee were introduced into the game there has been a new craze of swapping the conventional 3 melees and 2 ranged hero team, end-gamers / high level players now constructing a team consisting of 3 ranged heroes and 2 melee?!


  • Effectiveness9
  • Durability6
  • Sustainablity7
  • Squishy (0) or Tank (10)7
  • Cost to make this team9
  • 7.6


    This review is about the sharpshooter team that has nearly half of the high level players switching their team to!


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19 thoughts on “The Sharpshooter Strategy

  1. Lexie

    I need your opinion. I have a pounder (level 120) (Mercenaries level 23/50) (skill level 8), a dark rider (level 125) (mercenaries level 21) (skill level 7), hydrasaur (level 125) (mercenaries level 30) (skill level 10), pan goli (level 121) (Mercenaries level 20) (skill level 7), Arctic Lord (level 120) (Mercenaries level 12) (skill level 5) I just won a abyss demon, a blockhead, and a Chiron…. Who should I use???

  2. Gan

    Have you tried using a Chiron /Pan Goli /Renee Ven combo for the ranged? Chiron with lvl 10 skills summons a third clone and turns a potential 7 man team into a potential 8 – with 6 of them ranged!

    1. JamesJames Post author

      Hi Kevin,

      ahh damn! Thank you for the heads up, I’ll change that ASAP. I must of missed that out when proof-reading!

  3. Kevin

    Guys I was wondering about any suggestion on my team

    Lvl.119 Abyss Demon Skill:12 Hero evolve Taurus
    Lvl.110 Pounder Skill:8 Hero Evolve Gemini
    Lvl.104 Pan Goli Skill:5 Hero Evolve Aries
    Lvl.103 Renee Ven Skill:5 Hero Evolve None (Just got her today)
    Lvl.103 Great Sage Skill:5 Hero Evolve None

    So I just got a artic lord and I was wondering should I replace my sage?

  4. jolly

    Been using this team for ages
    Death knight
    Blitz bomber
    Arcane mystic
    Pyro pete.
    I have just replaced mystic with renee ven
    And in the same session rolle artic lord.and great sage.
    Sare sage and lord viable tank replacements for the knight amd blockhead, who I have been using due to the exocutioners they have and knights ability , pyro pete is there to buff ALL the sharpshooter

  5. Joe

    I use this strategy in battle royale. It’s very useful, getting me 4.5 million on the first few bosses.

      1. Joe

        Unfortunately, it always fails on any battle royale bosses that use splash damage, such as comet fort or apocalypse. I guess every strategy has its downsides too!

          1. Joe

            I use renee ven, blitz, and pyro pete for the strategy ( I don’t have chiron yet). My pyro petes skill is very low because I have been focusing on great sage for a while now. All of my sharpshooters are lv21, not high enough for an attack skill. After I am done spending souls for hero evolve, I think I’m going to focus on renee ven’s mercenaries next. (Update-I got 6 million on dawn frontier yesterday).

          2. JamesJames Post author

            Hey Joe,

            Awesome strategy! What’s the ratio of winning in all instances? I feel after the update the sharpshooters seem to be weaker than before.

          3. Joe

            Ratio of winning? I’ve decided that the sharpshooter strategy only works for me in battle royale. In arena, I use 3 tanks/2 ranged, pan, renee, sage, arctic, pounder. I feel like the sharpshooters don’t deal close to wizards’ dmg in arena to other mercenaries, and wizards with the new hero ambrosia would be a better option in terms of damage. For example, my pan goli’s wizards deal 1000 dmg, three times as much as an equally leveled up sharpshooter. I prefer to use sharpshooters in instances where they aren’t under attack, allowing them to fire for longer.

          4. JamesJames Post author

            Hi Joe,

            For example for every win you lose 3 times, or vice versa. Yep I agree with you with ambrosia, it seems like a great time to rekindle the wizard strategy again. I’ll have to put up an article about the wizard strategy.

            Whenever I deploy my heroes, I always send my frontline heroes in first (pounder/arctic/dark) since their mercenaries are built for defence, I then deploy my ranged heroes behind them a few seconds later to make sure my wizard/sharpshooters don’t get hit before the defense mercenaries.

            Make sure you don’t deploy the ranged heroes in the same spot, just so the splash damage towers don’t affect much mercenaries bundled together.

  6. Bob

    Hi Kolonaios,

    Thanks for your guide, I was really looking for a guide like this. At this moment I work with this team:
    Pan golli
    arctic lord
    skull mage
    dark rider
    Carol d’belle

    Im saving up rings to buy pounder to switch with carol d’belle, do you recommend this? Further im wondering if you could tell me what you think is the best way to level up heroes?

    kind regards

    1. kolonaioskolonaios Post author

      Hi Bob,

      I fully support your move on changing carol for pounder, since the hero is currently one of the best tanks in the game. Carol has good hp for a ranged hero, but I wouldn’t rely her on frontline tank. I suggest doing all daily instances (campaign clash, Battle Royale, Hero arena, Lords League, Resource Raid) those coral EXP eggs do wonders on levelling up heroes.


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